Captain's Log
17 June 2012


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day nine on our adventure under sail. With the youth crew taking control of the beautiful young endeavour, it seems we haven’t been sailing too handsomely. This update being promptly late is a good example. With the combination of the wind changing and everyone getting used to there new roles it has made the last 24 hours a very exciting and challenging period. As you know the ship was handed over to the youth crew to take control of from 1300 17th June until 1300 18th of June. Handed over with the ship was a set of tasks and challenges that varied from group activities to sailing the ship trough treacherous winds and 10m waves! Not quite. The wind conditions have been perfect, letting the crew shape the sails to get us an average speed of 5 knots. With a beach assault landing on Kent Island to kick the command day off the crew was ready to rock and roll. Two tasks were completed before we weigh anchor and set sail. A giant hammock was constructed by the youth crew that could support everyone! This proved very well how affect this team can be. With the newly formed watches learning there new tacking stations the chiefs Amanda and Tash were slaving away in the kitchen preparing the feed near 30 mouths. Thankfully together they have the skills and knowledge to pull off an amazing meal, which unfortunately was spoiled by the captain once again, by being promptly late. With the ship weighing anchor at 1645 we were to be on our way. How ever with all the power being sucked from the generator, the young endeavour went black resulting in our first delay. With the power back on and the anchor up we were heading out to sea. This is when the youth crew set the sails and attempted to get the right heading. With everyone on board having loved Kent Island so much I decided to make the ship do a complete 360 to get another long gaze at the beautiful mass of land. The youth crew then split off to their watches. A keen eye on watches is required to ensure we run this big girl a ground. In the first watch we were able to successfully pass through our first check point earning us 15points. And on that high… Until tomorrow evening, take care. Shout outs!! Happy 24th birthday Michael! Claire, Charlotte and Gabe “Artichoke” Yours Aye Youth Captain Aidan


17°29's / 146°18'e


2300 at sea - weather scttered cloud, wind SE 14 knots, swell SE 0.5 metre, temperature 21 degrees, barometer 1022 hpa