Captain's Log
22 January 2011


Ahoy there everyone,We started the wonderful day at the harbour just off Mornington Pier. After the nights anchor watches the crew were ready to swim. We set up the rope sing and with a continental breakfast waiting we had an early morning swim. Once we were all nice and cold we jumped out for a quick shower and onto the ceremony of colours. All of us youth crew then all we given 2 hours shore leave to discover the wonderful coffee shops of Mornington.Once back on the Ship, the youth crew members voted into positions of responsibility were all given a final question and answers sessions with the staff member they are replacing. With nerves and jitters we headed to another absolutely wonderful lunch with no real idea of what we were in for. Then 1300 came around and the crew came out all dressed in their best holiday outfit. With the responsibility handed over to the youth crew we began. Our list of ‘”to do’s” was 22 long but we made a start.We had a “Beach Assault Team” descend upon Mills Beach Mornington by way of paddle power. Then came the hard part of getting as many members of the public to help sing the National Anthem. They were over whelmed by the amount of beach go’ers helping out. Meanwhile on the deck the rest of the crew were busy knot tying to create a hammock – this hammock needed to be large enough for the whole youth crew. After a few hesitant monument t s they were sure it would hold, so by the time the “Beach Assault Team” arrived back on deck it was ready. With all 28 youth members sitting on a hand made hammock feet of the deck we had achieved 2 goals in 2 hours.Proceeding to weigh anchor at 1600 we departed Mornington for our first weigh point. After a short settling in period by all youth crew we reached the first way point at 1920, 40 minutes ahead of time, then we were off on to the second way point. With watches working on more tasks over night we are on track to reach our final destination late tomorrow morning, we are in good stead to complete all 22 tasks on time.Until tomorrow evening. Bravo Zulu to all youth crew for their diligent work and lets keep it up.Yours ayeYouth Captain Kirsty  


38°10's / 144°56'e


2200 at sea - Weather scattered cloud, Wind E 20 knots, Swell E 1 metre, Temperature 20 degrees, Barometer 1012 hpa