Captain's Log
25 July 2011


Ahoy there Young Endeavour Followers,Welcome to day 8 of Voyage 11, 2011. Firstly, a quick recap on Sunday Night’s late night antics on deck: After the command day elections, Watch Supervisor Komo organised the first “Young Endeavour’s Got Talent” where each watch was tasked to perform 2 karaoke numbers for the staff and crew. Guest judges Kimmy Minogue, Guv McFadden and our very own chef Squizzy adjudicated the evening with mixed reactions to some of the musical acts.The morning kicked off with another rousing tune from our staff Sail Master Matt, this morning it was “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock. Rising to the up beat number we found ourselves blessed with our very own “summery” conditions in Broken Bay. After mustering on deck at 0630, Matt once again got the blood pumping with an exciting morning game of buoy/horse bouncing races around the midships. The morning brief brought news of some fine and light conditions for our Command Day endeavours, as well as the usual comedic stories from our very own Salty Sea Dog. Happy Hour was conducted as per usual and was done efficiently and to Sail Master Matt’s high standards. Post cleaning stations I, Sail Master Rachel, Navigator Ollie, Officers of the Watch; Charlie, Madi and Georgette, Watch Leaders; Milo, Sammy and Steph and Chefs; Plattsy, Naomi ad Dylan met with their staff counterparts to conduct a brief on their roles for the upcoming Command Day. The ship at this time still yet to move from anchor in the picturesque Broken Bay area.The morning saw time for Rope Races maestro Leon to conduct the fifth round of the non-competitive, competitive rope races. Following the races the Youth Crew had some time to catch up on washing and other duties while at anchor and awaiting the official hand-over of the ship at 1300.Mid morning, highly sought after VIP passes were distributed on the down low throughout the “cool cats” of the Youth Crew on board, and the staff put on an awesome early morning disco complete with strobing torch, mini mirror ball and glow sticks for all. DJ Kimmy kept the tunes pumping all morning right up until it was time for the Command Team to prepare for the official handover of the ship.At 1300 hours the official handover was conducted with the staff stepping down with a rousing rendition of “Summer Holiday” over the PA system complete with board shorts and holiday accessories once on deck. The Youth Crew and Command Team jumped straight into preparations for the 22 tasks we were issued to complete during our 24 hour command of the ship. These challenges range from navigating the ship through various waypoints to more laid back challenges like getting some happy snaps of the entire crew aloft. The departure from Broken Bay was delayed until after dinner by the Command Team due to the forecast of very light winds for the first time on the voyage.After a themed dinner at the “Drunken Sailor Pub”, which was expertly prepared by our chefs we weighed anchor at 1800 and departed Broken Bay, motor sailing on an Easterly course through the heads for our first waypoint approx 10 miles east of the coast.After a fairly quiet day on the sailing side of things, the Youth Crew have settled into their watches and racks for the night, hopefully to achieve a good night’s rest in preparation for what is to be a busy and challenging day tomorrow to complete our navigation legs and other challenges for Command Day.Stay tuned for more information and the results of our Command Day this time tomorrow night, until then take care.Yours Aye,Youth Crew Captain Jake


33°35's / 151°29'e


2300 at sea - Weather clear skies, Wind W 9 knots, Swell SE 2 metres, Temperature 11 degrees, Barometer 1017 hpa