Captain's Log
5 August 2012


Ahoy There, Welcome to Command Day! Day eight of our fantastic voyage from Mackay to Airlie Beach.We kicked the morning off with a great breakfast (as always), our usual morning brief, and then yet another amazing hour of cleaning, Happy Hour!After our usual morning routine was completed we conducted Opposites, where each member of the Youth Command Team met with their opposite staff member, and were able to ask questions, get advice, and gain some insight into the role that they would be assuming at 1300. I met with Captain Damien and was able to gain some great insights about the Captain role, and I asked many questions to gear myself up as best as possible for taking on that role later in the day.Upon the completion of Opposites, lunch was ready and we went down to the galley to enjoy the wonderful menu options Chef Love had to offer, and prepared ourselves for the ceremony where the ship would be handed over to us. At this point we were all getting a little excited, a little nervous, and a little anxious, despite the fact the Staffies had been telling us all day “Don’t worry! Have fun!”.The ceremony then followed, with several items of great importance handed over to me. These items included a captain’s hat, an eye-patch, a fluffy ‘parrot’, the ship’s telescope, and an envelope containing several instructions and challenges that we would strive to complete within the 24 hours. With these items bestowed upon me, it was time to take control of the ship.After the Command Team’s initial preparations, with the assistance of the Staff Crew, we went under engines to the position where we would set sail and leave Whitehaven Bay.With the rest of our afternoon spent sailing, we made steady progress along our planned course, with some alterations here and there. We are currently sailing along toward the North of Hook Island, where we plan to pass through one of our set ‘Waypoints of Glory’.We are all very excited about what tomorrow will bring, and we plan to arrive at Blue Pearl Bay before 1230, completing our Command Day and handing the ship back over the Staff Crew. I am particularly looking forward to completing as many tasks as we can before tomorrow, and making the most of the very privileged position I am in, and enjoying myself every step along the way.Youth Captain Joel


20°4's / 149°5'e


2100 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind ESE 16 knots, swell SE 1.0 metre, temperature 24 degrees, barometer 1017 hpa