Captain's Log
23 June 2004


At 0800 on 22/6/04 I took command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. After morning brief at approx 0830 the beach assault team was sent togather locals from around Moololaba to sing the National Anthem under the House Flag. They did this succcessfully getting 21 locals to sing. Meanwhile some activities were orgainised to keep the crew active. The first was a mural to represent the crews voyage so far. The second was to build a hammock that would support all 25 youth crew as well as all staff crew which was also done with excellent success mananging to hold all youth crew and staff.After a very well cooked dinner we weighed anchor at 1251 and started on our journey to Caloundra via a series of waypoints. Wemanaged to reach Bigmac, Ragamuffin, Shane-o and D-direction as well as sucessfully sailing south to north through the Tunnel of Fun.At about 1800 a flare was spotted, about every 5 mins another was seen to the south so we made a mad dash towards the south but 30mins later we realised the flare was in fact aircraft landing lights at Brisbane Airport.After accidentally tacking at 0400 we had to make another tack to put us onto course but soon realised that we would have to motor sail to our final waypoint in order to get to it on time which we didsucessfully arriving at it at 0800 at which we handed command of the ship back to Captain Phil and his crew.Thank you Jeremy. The Ship, back under the guidance of the Staff successfully negotiated the North West and Spitfire Channels of Moreton Bay before coming to anchor near Tangalooma Resort. Theyouth crew are now busy getting ashore for a dash along the beach and a quick raid of the lolly shop before coming back onboard for what will be a quiet night at anchor (we hope).YOUNG ENDEAVOUR FACT FILE:YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with a Brooks and Gatehouse Hydra 2000 instrumentation system. This fully integrated systemdisplays information from a variety of sensors through dedicated or multi-function displays. Commonly selected displays include: True Wind Speed and Direction, Apparent Wind Speed and Direction, Boat Speed, Speed Over Ground, and Depth.THOUGHT OF THE DAY:’Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.’Aesop in The Fox and The MaskYours Aye,Phil GadenLieutenant, RANActing Commanding Officer


27°10's / 153°22'e


Wind southerly at 10 knots.