Captain's Log
7 March 2005


Hey everyone, Captain Johnny here coming live to you 35 30S 138 00E .Today is command day , and lucky me was elected captain of this finetall ship. Today has been a long day, starting wakey wakey at 0630then a small exercise session on the deck. After breakfast we hadHappy hour (Cleaning) and we cleaned all the the brass fittings etcwith brasso. Before lunch we had setting and furling drills with TheBoss overseeing and checking that we were competant for Command Day.After another delicious lunch by Speedy, we had some spare time, inwhich most people elected to postions racked the brains of the staffmember whoes job they would be taking over. Come 1400 hours after ashort cermony in which a telescope represeting command was handed tome and the staff once again dressed in their finest, the STSYOUNG ENDEAVOUR came under the command of 24 amazing youth crew withme as their leader. We sailed from anchor 1500 hours and after somesmall sail setting difficulties and finally getting us on track theship was well under way to 1 of 10 check points which we made at 2041and thanks to our excellent Navigator Dave we were 10 yards south ofthe waypoint (the buffer was a 500 yard radius), we have spent themajority of the evening setting and furling sails, and we have hadsome youth crew climb to the very top of our mast for the first time.So far the week as been an experience we will never forget. We havehad everything from almost no wind to a huge storm in which werecorded 45 knot winds. It has been well worth it, all the earlymornings, late nights, big sea, and all the sickness had made us ,theyouth come together and create a bond which will hopefully still bethere in years to come. Anyways off to bed. I must be up at 12 to dowatch duty.Youth Crew Captain Johnny !!!John OsmondYouth Commanding OfficerSTS Young Endeavour


35° 30' South / 138° 0' East