Captain's Log
V11/17 Brisbane to Mackay
9 October 2017

Command Day

Hi Everyone,                   Welcome to day eight of our voyage. Following a peaceful night at anchor at the beautiful Middle Percy Island we awoke to warm morning. Following a morning swim, BBQ breakfast, morning brief and cleaning stations we gave the Youth Crew Command Team an opportunity to meet with their Staff counterparts to discuss their roles and responsibilities and to learn as much as possible from the Staff before the commencement of the 24hr command period.At 1000 everyone was mustered at midships and during a short ceremony I handed Captain Grant the ‘Telescope of Challenge’ and in doing so giving the Youth Crew of Voyage 11-17 the responsibility of running the ship. During the 24hr period they have numerous tasks to complete as well as navigating and sailing the ship safely the 65nm to Keswick Island. One of the many tasks that they need to complete is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow so please enjoy reading tonight’s log beautifully written by Youth Crew member Jas. Please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav        10th September: Command DayFrom Middle Percy bound for MackayAhoy there!Youth Crew Member Jas here.We are on the last leg of our voyage towards Mackay. During our busy days at sea we have seen turtles, pink coral, jumping whales, dolphins and sunrises from aloft. We have traversed across islands, cracked coconuts, played beach games, climbed sand dunes and gotten stronger and closer as a team. I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is a sadness about it all coming to an end in a number of days.After a quiet night’s rest at anchor at Middle Percy Island, the Young Endeavour crew was awoken once again to Sail-Master Baggas’ good tunes and enthusiastic praising of the weather over loud speaker.Barbecue on deck and rope swing set, all clambered up sleepy-eyed but eager for a morning swim and for a go at the rope swing. There was arcing back flips, pin drops and belly flops as the sizzle of bacon and eggs carried into the cool morning air.Once showered and well-fed, all Youthies then met on deck at 0830 for the Morning Brief. We were graced by the presence of Rear Admiral Salty who once again served up his wide wisdom of the ancient ways of the mariner. We have now learnt the nautical origins of terms such as ‘Shake a Leg’ and ‘Splicing the Main Brace.’ Once thoroughly wowed by Salty’s stories and motivated to begin the day after Captain Gav’s inspirational words on team work, we launched into song to mark the ‘happiest hour of the day’ – cleaning hour.At 1000 the ship was officially handed over to the youth crew with a traditional gifting of the Skipper Hat and Telescope of Challenge to our new Captain Grant. The staff crew donned celebratory attire and began their ‘holiday on deck’ while we commenced our command of the ship – navigational planning underway and sails ready to be set.We are currently sailing with close-to a full press of sails at a speed of 3.7 knots. The water is calm and the heat of the day has fallen with the coming of dusk. We will continue to sail into the night and hope to weigh anchor at Keswick and St. Ives Islands between 0800-1000 tomorrow.Warm hellos from the crew for family and friends back home!Until tomorrow,Jas and the Youth Crew 


21 24.7 S / 149 57.6 E


Currently located 25nm to the NW of the Percy Islands sailing under a full press of sail and enjoying moderate 8-12kt ESE winds with .5m SE swell. Our speed is 4kts and the temperature is a pleasant 18 degrees.