Captain's Log
Trans Tasman
22 January 2006


As of 1300 this afternoon the youth crew aboard voyage 00/06 assumedcontrol of Young Endeavour. To an exceptional display of staffconfidence (Chris in a life jacket and 90s hawaian shirts on all thestaff’s backs) we set sail.And so far it’s pretty magic. All twenty-three of the other youthcrew on this ship make an exceptional team, and from the two tacksthat the team executed fifteen minutes ago with Dan as ExecutiveOfficer, Justin and Jack as our navigators, and Kristy, Bridey andTom as watch-leaders, to the dinner cooked and served by our chefsMichael, Mel and Megan earlier on, not even the weather could bebetter. The picture perfect blue ocean, blue skies and fair wind waseven captured multiple times when we had twenty youth crew all on theyards of the foremast.But then again this is command day and we’re all figuring there mustbe some unexpected challenges looming pretty soon after I finishwriting this. As it stands we just got informed that one of thesails functioning perfectly well had actually been “badly damaged ina squall and had to be taken down immediately”. With no squallscited by any member of youth crew, and a perfectly well functioningsail contributing to our five knot speed, we think the ensuring storyof an albatross flying through it or references to a killer tsunamifrom staffie Rachel didn’t make the lie any better. But anyway, as itstands the “damaged” sail is now furled, we’ll be up during the nightwith all hands to tacking stations a couple of times and for themorrow the prospect of some pretty challenging time- objectives tobe met. But if anything, the last ten days has really shown that evenbad weather and whatever other challenges occur on this ship can be ablast. For the next sixteen hours we plan to continue that fun…we’ll keep you posted!The temporary replacement captain with no naval qualificationsfollowing her name signing off,Fly


36°4's / 175°2'e


Sailing near Auckland, have cleared Customs at Opua