Captain's Log
14 April 2011


Hello everyone,Its Captain James here newly elected as the captain of the youth crew. We’ve had control of the ship for about 5 hours now and are already facing plenty of challenges, though nothing which the capable command team we’ve elected can’t overcome I hope. Before I hand over to some of the crew to give their messages to loved ones, I’ll give a few words of my own. It’s something I’ve mentioned to the crew a few times, but I never expected to be a leader when I stepped onto this ship. It gets said that a leader isn’t born, but that they are made and I believe that I would never have stepped up to be leader if was not for the amazing support of my crewmates, who have put their trust in me, and shown me to put trust in myself. I can only hope to do the best by them, and together we have our work cut out to make it to Mackay on time, already plans have had to be changed, and certainly they will be again, but we are in this together, and most of all I believe everyone is still having fun.And speaking of the crew, here are a collection of their messages.Hello, big shout out to Jen & family from Will, having a great time but looking forward to returning to land. So far the trip has amazing plenty of sailing and swimming in the amazing Whitsunday Islands. See you all soon.Hey Ben, I hope you’re having fun, I miss you so much, more than facebook even (I’m sure you’ll appreciate the sentiment behind that). Anyway, since you promised to read this, here’s a little test – bring fruit tingles when you pick me up from the airport – if you are fruit tingle-less, I’ll know you didn’t read this, and that means trouble ;-). I can’t wait to call you on Sunday. Byeee =]. From pippa.Wat up wombatz itz terry haven the time of my life this is awesome been to a few wicked island rekon the best would be percy island weve taken charge of the ship not going very far lol no wind ill see uz all Sunday mum can u tell tes I miss her please wombat out see ya wen I see ya.Quick hello to Brock and the family, still missing you guys heaps, I really wish I could stay up here and keep sailing; it would be the life if only I could keep in contact with you guys. I’m doing you proud, Red watch representing, I have been selected for watch leader and doing my bit in the team. Can’t wait to tell you all the amazing stories, love you guys. Annika FeatherstoneHi Mum, I love you� washing my clothes and cooking for me, Love CohenMa, Pa and Nicho, I hope you are all well and still kicking… and getting some of your own boat time in! I’m having a marvellous time and am looking tanned, well feed and happy! Say hi to Noosty for me, Love Meggsy xxxxxxxHey its Richard, just wanted to say so far command day is going fair, everything is still a bit hectic as many are still settling into their new roles, but I am sure that everyone will have settled into their roles. This reminds me everything is coming to end. While this is sad I was still able to see the command crew step up to the plate and while there were a few strikeouts, now its only home runs. Everyone I love you heaps and I look forward to seeing you again.Hi to my folks, it’s Ash! I tell you what- if Milton had visited the Percy Islands, he would have renamed his work ‘Paradise Found’, because this� is heaven. Seriously, it’s straight from a postcard. I’ve taken criminal amounts of photos, and none of them can do it justice. It’s decided- I’m getting a yacht. Well, one day anyway, haha. Your eyebrows will skyrocket at the fact that I’m actually used to and enjoying the 6:30am mornings and early nights. By 7:30 this morning we had been roused from our beds by a raucous song over the loudspeaker, been boated over to one of the Percy Islands and swam and played cricket on the white sand as the sun rose over the coconut palms. Like I said- heaven. Anyway, my intention was not to make you jealous (although I’m sure I’ve succeeded in that) but to say I’m having the time of my life and I hope you’re well. Gran and Gramps- thanks so much for taking care of Mum for me- give her a big bear hug from Squirt. Mum, I hope you’re getting better and taking the time to relax. Love you heaps. Ash Jensen.G’day mum, dad and family its Hayden B here to tell you a tad about what ive been occupying myself with. So far I’ve been spokes person for the elections for command day though I didn’t get a position, also part of the beach assault team selected for a mission on percy island. And finally I’m going to be part of the morning brief as nanna ill make sure it gets recorded as im sure that you would feel so proud of your son [crossdressing]. Anyway love you all. Hayden B�..nanna.Ahoy family and friends! It’s Mel here, hope you’re all having a fabulous time while I holiday here in the Whitsundays�just joking, we’ve been doing a fair amount of work! Last night I got voted in as the navigator (ah!) which I was ecstatic about. So currently it’s Command Day, and I am attempting to navigate the ship to Mackay. I really do hope every one of you is having fun back home, and I’ll definitely give you a call when I finish the voyage in Mackay..if the ship makes it there that is. Love and hugs  MelHi mum its Mea 🙂 I am having the best time. We have done so much over this short period of time and I honestly don’t think my brain can handle much more information. I miss you but I’m not in a hurry to come back as we have been to the most amazing beaches, and I have made lots of new friends. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures as I know you will be jealous! Hopefully see you and the family at the footy on Sunday. Mea xxxGreetings from the Sail-Mistress (or Sea Dragon�)!! Command day is well underway and the team is working fantastically so far! We’re struggling with some lighter winds than planned, and un-cooperative tides, but hoping that things pick up overnight. The Captain needs his sleep, so that’s all from the Youth Crew! LivSo that’s it from everyone, I think I’d like to end this entry like our good Captain Gunna did, with a quote. “It’s not the destination that matters; it’s what you learn getting there”. Though thinking back, that might have been a lesson that my year 12 teachers drummed into me back when I was doing the HSC.CheersCaptain James 


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Co 335, 4 kts, Wind 120, 12 kts, Temp 25 C