Captain's Log
6 March 2012

Command Day!

Ahoy there everyone, Today is Command Day so with out further to do I will hand it over to Youth Crew Captain Ruby….One does not fully appreciate the beauty of Kent Island until they spend over 24 hours anchored beside it. It truly is an oasis for the Youth Crew, who after 8 days of constant swaying were able to completely relax and enjoy what we have accomplished so far. As a whole we have progressed from knowing very little (or dare I say it, nothing at all) about sailing a tall ship, to being able to confidently sail this vessel. This then qualifies us to take charge of this amazing ship for the next 24 hours, which is both scary and exciting. With a luxurious sleep in (of 40 minutes) the Youth Crew started off the morning with an early morning swim, which then proceeded into a delicious breakfast cooked by Squizy. At 0855 the not-so-brief morning brief was held, complete with navigation tales of babbling fools, pirate attitude and even the absent nanna made an appearance. After finally getting the ‘Happy Hour Song’ right, the Youth Crew completed a Happy Half-Hour, which if I do say so myself, was completed at a very high standard. Before the 1300 hand over, the elected ‘youthies’ then doubled up with their corresponding ‘staffies’ for advice and guidance in their particular field. This proved to be extremely helpful for the Youth Crew, especially yours truly. It was around this time that ‘The Last Supper’ was called and the entire Crew enjoyed Squizy’s last meal before hand over. While the Youth Crew enjoyed the beautiful view on offer, the 1300 hand over ticked around and without further a-due I would like to introduce you the Command Day Youth Crew. Captain- Myself (Ruby) Sail Master- Brodie (Red) Navigator- Nate Watch Officers- Maddie, Mitch and Rhydian Watch Leaders- Elysia, Claire and Cameron Chefs- Lilly and Chelsea Chief of Rope Swing-Alex After receiving the Command Day package, it was then discovered that the Youth Crew BAT (Beach Assault Team) would have to venture ashore to Kent Island to find the Navigation Information which was unfortunately lost. The team of six also set out to claim a little bit of Kent Island for the Youth of Australia, whilst singing the National Anthem (including the second verse), which they completed successfully. After some watch bonding, I felt that an afternoon swing ‘n’ swim was in order, many a back flip and bellyflop were displayed on the ship’s trapeze and both the Youth and Staff again enjoyed the flat seas and blue skies. After even more relaxing, dinner was served at 1715 by the amazing Chefs who have most defiantly earned the Crew’s Respect, with their many delicious dishes. After weighing anchor at 1830, the crew and I enjoyed what I have named the ‘Moonlight Cruise’. With hardly a ripple in the water and not the slightest of breezes, the watches set every sail at our disposal including the Fisherman’s Sail and waited for the wind to pick up. But as I sit here and write this approximately 3 hours later, you must know that we have managed to travel a grand old total of 2.5 Nautical Miles. As frustrating as it is for the Crew to be moving (or drifting really) so slowly towards Fitzroy Island (Final Waypoint), I can’t help but think that, it’s not all about the destination but the journey that we take to get there…our journey so far just doesn’t involve the wind.Until Tomorrow, Much LoveCAPT Ruby


17° 39' South / 146° 13' East


Wind SW 4kts Swell Nil Temp 22 Degrees