Captain's Log
28 August 2007


Ahoy Me Hearties,To tell you about their Command Day here are Captains Aaron and Nikkums:Hey all, Nikkums here. Well Command Day started with a bit of a bang; our wind speed was all bar none, which meant our sailing power was also all bar none.Staffies probably had a good chuckle or two behind our backs (or the odd frustrated growl) as they sat back and let us all take the helm.We started from Broken Bay and headed out to sea towards Sydney Harbour, but due to the lack of wind speed, we travelled roughly about three-quarters of the way we intended all day (the remainder of the voyage was completed under motorsailing).Quick shoutout to Mum and Dad and Seph too :)Hey all Azza here, well the day might not have been as smooth as we had hoped, but might i say the weather didnt help either. But not to worry we somehow made it through.The day was very entertaining in terms of trying to run a tall ship with a team of youth crew that had been continuously trying to take in as much information to be able to sail a tall ship by ourselves. The day however was made much lighter in the way that we had a self-appointed Captain Good Vibes which brought a little humour to the day when the spirit started failing us so thanks to Tombo and his subordinates for that.However probably one of the biggest highlights of the day must of been our fabulous meals prepared by the Chefoes – cheers Amos, Sophia and Matty. Without doubt on par with Chad’s cooking! haha.So in final shoutout to all the Youth Crew and Staffies who participated in today’s Command Day – it couldn’t have been done without your high spirits, good humour, and definately your great support!p.s. Just wanna say a shout out to the small minority who made the entire trip through without joining in with the fun and games of spewing. Rock on dudes!


33°49's / 151°16'e


Calm and warm