Captain's Log
1 December 2008


Ahoy shipmates,Command Day for Voyage 01/08 has now commenced. The Youth Crew elected their new Command Team, Watch Leaders and Cooks last night and this morning there has been a flurry of planning and preparation which thus far has paid off. Staff crew handed over the ship at 1300, shortly after which the Youth crew successfully sailed the ship from anchor and out of Jervis Bay in a freshening northeasterly breeze. They now have a number of objectives to complete over the next 24 hour period of their Command Day, a number of which have already completed. One of these tasks is to complete the Captains Log, so please find enclosed Captain Petes & Mitch’s Log for the first 12 hours of command day.Yours AyeCaptain GavCommand Day!!!Command Day actually began last night, when Youth Crew were selected for positions by majority.Command Day commenced at 1pm when Captain Gav handed us control of the ship. With it came a booklet of goals and challenges. The first challenge was to create a Beach Assault Team (BAT) to row to shore and claim Australia for Young Endeavour. Once on the beach, they had the challenge of raising the Aussie flag and mustering as many locals/tourists as they could. An amazing 19 tourists were gathered and combined with the BAT to sing the national anthem over HF radio back to the ship. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were tasked with creating a hammock over the midship. It proved comfortable and able to carry quite a few people.Once the BAT team had rowed back, the entire Youth Crew enjoyed a swim, many launching themselves of the Bowsprit into the great ocean blue. We raised anchor and set sail at about 2pm. With favourable winds, we enjoyed an awesome 6-7 knot ride out of the heads of Jervis Bay. We were all stoked as we had done everything ourselves. Setting the sails and navigating our way over selected checkpoints to be on course for Sydney.Alas, at about 7pm we were halted in our journey north to Sydney by a strong northerly headwind. We are now motoring our way north, and hope to arrive in Sydney sometime tomorrow.Young EndeavourCommand Day Captains,Pete and Mitch 


35°3's / 150°58'e


Motorsailing just north of Jervis Bay experiencing moderate northeasterly winds at 10-15kts.