Captain's Log
21 December 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,We awoke to a clear and sunny morning with a very light offshore breeze blowing across Jervis Bay. After a swim and the official handover to the YC Captains of the ship, Command Day commenced with colours, morning brief and a very well executed sail from anchor. Once underway, the breeze stiffened to 10 knots from the North East. Late in the forenoon the YC wore ship and made for sea, the clock tower of HMAS CRESWELL fading slowly into the distance astern and Point Perpendicular light passing slowly down our port side. After such a textbook beginning to the day, the pressure increased with the combined effects of leeway and the East Australian Coast Current. These resulted in the ship making significant ground to the South, away from our destination, and tested the communication and problem solving skills of our young mariners. As well as the sailing challenges the afternoon was busied with other Command Day activities, all of which the YC achieved with aplomb. As evening approaches Jervis Bay is beginning to pass astern, likely as a fond and enduring YC memory, and the night making ground to Port Jackson and completing the Command Day challenges lies ahead.Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas to you all.Yours AyeCaptain MattMax of White watch: Having a great time. Its Command day and we can still see where we started 12 hours ago so going strong! But seriously we are now heading towards our destination rather than away. Being nav is tough considering it is my responsibility to make sure that this is not the last voyage of Young Endeavour! I am really enjoying it though and its been a great experience. The question is, ‘ Can we anchor in Sydney Harbour?’ Hey to all my family. Missing you heaps and can’t wait to see you again soon. xxxAnastasia (Stacey) of Blue watch: Having a complete ball! Command Day is proving to be the challenge we all knew it would be but it is an awesome learning experience! Sailmaster (Executive Officer) is challenging also but Caz and I are going strong as second in command. Finally heading in the right direction once again, we just keep an eye on full deck safety and run any tacks that our very reliable nav’s deem necessary. The voice is a little croaky and worn, but overall still having a good time. Climbed aloft for the group photo this afternoon once we were safely in the right direction, and although the topgallant is still 33m higher than what I like to be, I made the climb out at sea working against the fears. Hi to all at home as my chair slides back and forth along the deck. See you all in a couple of days! Xxx 


35°0's / 150°57'e


Wind NE at 15 knots, with a little cloud and an outside air temperature of 19 degrees