Captain's Log
7 July 2009


Hi Everyone,Command Day commenced at 1000 this morning when I handed the Youth Crew the “Telescope of challenge”. Over the next 24 hours the Youth Crew will have to complete a large number of tasks including sailing and safely navigating YOUNG ENDEAVOUR from Whitehaven Beach to South Mole Island. One of the other tasks is writing the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached Captain Petah’s log entry for today.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOGCOMMAND DAYTuesday 7 July 2009Hello and welcome to the captains log for command day, the day where the youth crew takes all the knowledge they’ve acquired over the voyage so far and sail the ship independently. It has been a wonderful journey, many of the youth crew have accomplished things they could not have done at the start of the voyage.Command day started off with the hand over of the ship by staff to the youth crew. We were given a riddle to solve telling us where our navigation coordinates could be found which happened to be back on Whitehaven beach. We sent a team out in dingy to paddle themselves over to the beach where they recovered our coordinates and tasks that have to be complete on our voyage.After a fulfilling lunch (the first cooked by our youth crew cooks) we were ready to set sail (food is a priority among the youth crew) and by 1330 we were weighing anchor. The amount of excitement and tension on the ship was huge and everyone was doing their best to get us moving. After a bit of a slow start we were away and by 1500 we were comfortably sailing north east, leaving behind Whitehaven beach.One of our tasks was to draw a chalk mural of our voyage on the Young Endeavour, which we completed on the deck this afternoon. There were some beautiful drawings which family and friends will no doubt see when we are home again. This evening’s dinner had to be themed, and our chefs chose “oriental”. Everyone dressed in oriental style with lots of faces painted white with red lips and black eyeliner. (including a certain ex-captain. We have photos of that too Gav!)Our course is leading us through several waypoints eventually leading us to South Molle Island. We have until 0010 tomorrow morning to arrive at our destination and at this stage we are well on our way to making it there in plenty of time. Our wonderful sailing master James, or one eye as he is sometimes known, (he has a spectacular black eye from a rope which hit his eyebrow while he was swinging from the side of the ship and attempting backflips. Don’t worry Mum and Dad he’s getting better every day!) has been great, directing the crew with a maturity beyond his years and navigator Karl is also doing a top job.It is hard to believe we are sailing this ship, the feeling is one of elation, although we have been made aware of the huge amount of effort and effective teamwork it takes to sail a ship like this. We have a big night ahead as we are planning to ware the ship tonight to get us around the point of Hayman Island.Although we are all tired we are having the time of our lives, this really is an amazing venture and there is no doubt that all of us will take something away with us.Love to my family and from all the Youth Crew on Young Endeavour to their families.Signing off,Petah xoPositions:Captain: PetahSail Master: JamesNavigator: KarlWatch Officers: Chantelle, James B, JillianWatch Leaders: Brittany, Muddy (Mark), KaiChefs: Eve, Jay, Sarah 


20°1's / 148°57'e


Just north of Pinnacle Point (Hook Is) and experiencing 10-15kt SE winds with .5m swell.