Captain's Log
20 July 2009


Hi Everyone,Well Command Day is well underway and we have certainly had an interesting day. As always the weather is all or nothing and today we have experienced more wind than on any other day throughout the voyage. To the Youth Crews credit they have handled this very well. Besides having to sail this magnificent ship from Upstart Bay to Magnetic Island they also have to achieve a number of tasks along the way. One of these tasks is writing the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow so please find attached the first entry from Youth Crew Captain James and entry from YC member Hannah.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGAs I sit here rocking to and fro, eyes heavy, and limbs sore I once again get called to the bridge for another life changing experience-supervising the setting of our 7th sail, the top gallant staysail. Approximately 10 hours into our command day, and despite having to leave the wonderful Whitsunday’s’, the crew of voyage 09/09, Airlie Beach to Townsville, are in high spirits and eager to complete the tasks we’ve been set.Not surprisingly the mighty ocean turned it on for yet another unsuspecting youth crew. With roaring 20-25 knot southerlies greeting us this morning, there was no holding back. Setting off after lunch, it didn’t take long to reach our first waypoint with only one sail set. From there it was a battle against nature to steer a straight course and for an unfortunate few hold down the beautiful birthday cake prepared for Tim by the amazing crew in the galley. Happy birthday mate from all the crew and staff on the Young Endeavour! Enjoy!With our course being soundly plotted by the young Desmond, and the big decisions being made by the amazing Elise, I’m quietly hoping to be able to kick back for a while. Unluckily for me I spoke too soon and now I’m off too take the helm for the watch on duty as they prepare to brace the yards. Although I fear my command team and I will get very little sleep tonight, I believe by working together, the crew of V09/09 will complete our tasks with time to spare and more importantly take home memories and friendships, from this great journey, that will last a life time.James DoustCaptain (Youth Crew Command Day)Hi everyone,Its command day, and so far we are doing a great job, it’s a lot tougher then it looks, but lucky we have a wonderful team, who actually get along and work extremely well together as a team. If you are reading this and considering doing a trip, I strongly suggest you: JUST DO IT!!! It’s awesome, you meet awesome fellow youth crew members, mingle with fantastic staff, and basically have the trip of a lifetime. The activities are a mixture of fun and challenging and are designed for all of us to have the best trip imaginableJust like to say hi, to family and friends, not long till im home now- I don’t know whether to be happy or sad (happy to see you guys, or sad about missing the wonderful people on board and the marvellous scenery).Much Love Hannah 


19°8's / 147°17'e


Currently located 25nm to the SE of Horseshoe Bay and experiencing moderate to strong SE winds with a 1.5m swell.