Captain's Log
10 June 2009


Hi Everyone,Command Day commenced at 1000 this morning when I handed the Ship over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 14-09. It has been a busy day for all concerned and the Command Team has been doing a great job. One of the many tasks to be completed over the 24 hour period is to complete the Captains Log so please find attached the first entry from YC Captain Hayden.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 14-09Today I was given the chance to captain the ship, I was extremely thankful that my fellow youth crew elected me for the role and it had certainly boosted my confidence.My role began at 1000 and I was thrown straight into it, the first thing I had to tackle was the re organisation of the watches and I took some of the actual captains advice here and used the people that had been elected alongside me.The night before hand I had next to no sleep and the guts watch didn’t help, I was also feeling a little bit seasick but jobs had to be done, watches to be organised and the ship had to be moved around.I’m very lucky to have great youth crew along side me, I’m certain that without Jack or Jodie I would have struggled with every task throughout the day, Jack took on the role of Sailmaster and I cant thing of anyone I know (aside from staff) that suited the role so well. Jodi was elected navigator for the day, I had got to know Jodi through the 3 way talks we had earlier in the voyage and I had confidence in her abilities to get us were we needed to go.Unfortunately I gave into fatigue and after my team and I had sorted out the watches navigation and current objectives I went straight to bed, I knew that this would give me a bad appearance and I felt like I was resting while the youth crew worked on without me.Later on in the day we had problems with getting to our destination, the wind was coming from the direction we wanted to go but thankfully Jodi came up with a solution and proved her worth.Although we are still not at our destination as the sun goes down I am grateful that the team has almost arrived at our destination without getting lost or injured.The chefs seemed to have a hard time today and began to become a bit crabby and tired after dinner, especially when it came to washing up, I organised some free hands to help them and everything is going smoothly.After this voyage I will look back on the opportunities that have been given to me and realise that I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Young Endeavour staff and youth crew.The role of captain has shown me that sometimes I need to put the needs of a team before my own, I have begun to realise and develop my leadership skills, I plan to take them back to my cadet unit and more importantly use them in everyday life, this voyage has developed me as a person and showed me that with a little bit of confidence and effort I can achieve anything I set my mind to.I will never forget the time I’ve had on this voyage and I will cherish the memories, experiences and more importantly the lessons for as long as I live.I would like to sign off by thanking each and every person involved in this voyage.Ill see you around the bend Hayden Tutt 


21°39's / 114°22'e


Currently at anchor at North Muiron Island and experiencing moderate SW winds with a .5m swell.