Captain's Log
1 December 2010


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Command Day. One of the many tasks to complete over this 24hr period is for the Youth Crew to complete both this evenings and tomorrows Captains Log, so please find below tonights entry from Youth Crew Captain Dan.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 01-10Wow! So as a youth crew we’ve had our first hours of our twenty-four in charge of the ship, and so far it has been very challenging. We started off at anchor at Broken Bay, and were given a set of twenty-four challenges which we have been attempting to achieve. We aimed high and chose to push ourselves hard in order to complete as many of the challenges possible, and have had some great results so far despite adverse conditions. The weather on the trip so far has been incredibly mild, but we’ve been blessed with the challenge of the strongest winds and highest swells we’ve seen yet!The set challenges have definitely gone up a notch in difficulty due to the testing weather conditions, however everyone’s morale is incredibly high, and as a collective we seem to have pulled together and done a great job of it. We have such an amazing team with a lot of collective knowledge which has made my job as captain much easier. Everyone in the crew is so enthusiastic and determined to achieve with a smile on their faces.So for the rest of command day we will be doing our best to wrestle the wind and choppy seas, and I’m hoping the crew won’t get too sick like their stand-in captain! By tomorrow we should have written a poem about our adventures, as well as providing the staff with a bit of a chuckle at morning brief! Oh and on the side, we’ll give the ship back after we are done�Captain Dan Gaffney out!P.S. Hi Mum�to all our mums! 


33°44's / 151°35'e


Currently located 16nm to the south east of Broken Bay and experiencing strong 20-25kt N-NE winds with a veru unpleasant 2.5m easterly swell.