Captain's Log
6 July 2009

Clear of Morton Bay

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. This morning started at 0630 with an Early Morning Activity (EMA) followed by a very hearty breakfast. At 0755 the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours, which involves ringing of ships bell, blowing of Bosuns call, raising of flags and of course singing the National Anthem. Once this ceremony was complete everyone ���turned to’ for their first set of cleaning stations (happy hour). Under the guidance of their watch leaders, the YC spent the remainder of the forenoon practising line handling and deck safety. The anchor was finally weighed at 1140 and the ship made her way out of Morton Bay via the NW Channel. While completing the long pilotage out of the bay the YC turned to at setting and furling drills, culminating in them setting a full press of fore and aft sails shortly after departing Morton Bay. Prior to dinner the YC completed 2 well executed tacks and a man overboard exercise (MOBEX) and proved to staff that they had ���hoisted in’ the last 24 hours of instruction. As everyone proceeded to dinner YE shaped a new course to the north east and under a light 10kt south westerly breeze started to make ground along Queenslands Sunshine Coast. This evening the YC will settle into their sea watches with the expectation that they may be called to tacking stations sometime throughout the night. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye


26° 33' South / 153° 16' East


Currently located 14nm to the SE of Noosa Head and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SW winds with a 1m SE swell.