Captain's Log
V14/18 Airlie Beach to Cairns
8 March 2018

Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Passage

Ahoy shipmates, The crew of Young Endeavour awoke to another magnificent Whitsunday morning. After a quick get to know you activity involving all onboard, it was time for a quick dip off the ship in the beautiful Cid Harbour. Breakfast followed, then a rousing chorus of our National Anthem as we raised the flags at 0800. During the morning brief the crew heard from the Navigator, Sail Master, a quick intro to Salty (resident nautical expert), and myself – inspirational as always! As they say, “a clean ship is a happy ship”, so the Youth Crew’s introduction to “Happy Hour” followed and ensured this was the case. Then Sail Master Guv gave the safety brief, and before we knew it, lunch was being served. As we departed our anchorage a family of whales cruised slowly by, enjoying the calm waters of Cid Harbour. During our transit out into the Whitsunday Passage the Youth Crew began their sail training proper, learning how to set and furl a number of our fore and aft sails, distracted at times by more whales! After the main sail brief and with sails set, it was time for our first set of tacks (turning the ship)…a personal favourite of mine. Nothing beats throwing 44 metres of tall ship around! In the fading light we completed a set of four tacks, giving confidence in the crew’s ability to tack the ship at short notice…important as we head north! It was then another delicious dinner from Chef Marcus following which the Youth Crew have settled into their overnight  watches, consolidating their new found sailing skills, and learning what is required of “watch on deck” (lookout, helm, upper deck and engine room rounds, having fun!) The forecast is for light winds overnight and our intent is to make our way under sail to Whitehaven beach sometime tomorrow…one last stop in the Whitsundays…and no better place. Tash and Ian have provided some input below, so I will sign off here.Fair winds,Captain Kenny Hi from Tash and Ian,Our second day started off with an invigorating wake up swim in Cid Harbour in the stunning Whitsunday’s. The Youth Crew started learning about the different sails of the ship and how to hoist them. The challenging part was remembering all the parts of the sail. However it was very rewarding in the end seeing everyone work together to successfully hoist the sails for the first time this voyage. Whilst hoisting the sails we had some exciting visitors – a pod of whales breaching (coming to the surface) and having a fun time like us. We all worked as a team to successfully complete a tack (turn) which has helped us set sail into the night. Tonight we start keeping watches, which means waking up at various times during the night to maintain a safe and steady journey to our next location. Ciao


19 51 south / 148 50 east


Course:  002 true    Speed:  4 ktsWind:  Easterly at 11 knots    Swell:  South Easterly at 0.5 m   Weather:   Fine