Captain's Log
7 November 2012

Cid Harbour

Good evening Shipmates, After our 50kt plus wild and woolly experience, the ship continued southwards overnight under storm sails. Come sunrise the rain had finally stopped and the wind had abated to a comfortable 30kts! As the ship entered the Whitsunday Passage we actually saw the sun and because of the reduced fetch, the seas had much less bite and sailing was very comfortable. The ship came to anchor in Cid Harbour just before midday. After lunch and a set of rope races the Youth Crew proceeded ashore for a mid voyage chat and then enjoyed a bit of down time on the beach. Meanwhile back onboard, the staff spent three frustrating hours trying to replace the damaged head sail which was firmly stuck in its track. Success finally came and when we weigh anchor tomorrow we will have our full suit of sails available and we’re all looking forward to some good hard sailing in the beautiful Whitsunday Passage region. Even the rain will not be able to spoil that.Captain GunnaCarpe\’ diem


20° 16' South / 148° 56' East


At anchor Cid Harbour. Wind 090 / 15 kts, passing showers