Captain's Log
7 May 2001

Chocolate Cake

This voyage commenced in Townsville and will see us sail to the north to arrive in Cairns in 10 days time. Our new crew arrived this afternoon and we got underway and cleared the port. When anchored we sent the boat back inshore to pick up a youth crew member who arrived on a delayed flight. He didn’t miss too much – in fact he arrived just in time to enjoy a meal and to celebrate Andrew Sanders’ 17th birthday with a great chocolate cake made by master chef, Woody.Their first climb after dinner went well and tonight they can enjoy climbing to the top of the formeast, to the topgallant, with a full moon shining down on them, the ship and a flat calm ocean.My team for Voyage 08/01 of our Circumnavigation of Australia is: XO – Matt, Nav – Pauly, Swimmer/WO – Kath, White WL – Donny, Blue WL – Damo, Red WL – Ducky, Engineer – Eddie, Cheffo – Woody.We’ll weigh anchor and sail from the anchorage around lunch tomorrow.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


19° 12' South / 146° 52'


CO's LOG Monday 7 May 01Current situation at 1800: At anchor off Magnetic Island. Temp 26C, wind nor'east at 5 knots, balmy.