Captain's Log
17 April 2002

Challenged to the Extreme

Current situation at 1800: After a good night’s rest at Portsea, we got going again briefly and did some tacking drills in preparation for their big day out. The YC have elected their command team and all the people to fill the positions. At 3pm I handed command to the YC and they effectively sailed the ship from anchor. For once this Voyage we have excellentwinds and the YC are using it to great effect. They are doing an excellent job so far – the teamwork has been outstanding, the mealsgastronomique, the sailing superb.Their mission is to sail through as many waypoints as possible (doing the PACMAN thing through the Bay) and arrive at Port Melbourneto land the BAT tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.Youth crew entry by Lauren Conroy, age 20 from Brisbane, QLD.Hello guys… This trip has been amazing. The sailing is great and I have learnt heaps. I’ve learnt so many knots, that I can tie anything from an arm to a sail. Seasickness hit me on Day 3… and sealegs at Robe on Day 4. I’ve climbed the mast but I don’t like it too much up there…. The staff crew are great and the youth crew are an amazing bunch of people. Put together with travelling through brilliant seascapes and dophin play fields, this is an unforgetable journey. Today is Command Day, and we are being challenged to the extreme. But I’m very excited. Talk to you or see you soon, Lauren.Youth Crew Entry – Emma O’Connor, age 16 from Bendigo, VICHello everyone at home… I am having the time of my life, it is one great experience and I wish you could all be here with me. The staff and the Youth Crew are all a great bunch of people. We have been climbing the mast quite a bit… much to my hate. It is great when up there… but climbing up when the boat is rocking can be a challenge. Well today is Command Day, and us Youth Crew have taken over. Wiggy is keeping us all entertained with his stupidity and sudden lack of knowledge. I have been chosen as apart of the BAT team (beach assult team). My job is to go ashore and claim a beach for the Youth ofAustralia… and I have even promised to take off my beannie… now that is going to be a shock for most. Well there are sails to be set so I best go and help… 2-6 HEAVE. I will see you all soon- Em :)Youth Crew entry: Fiona Buchanan,age 21, Ballarat Vic.Hi to everyone on land…Today we took command of this beautiful ship and we are cruising through Port Phillip Bay tonight, I am ‘Officer on Watch’ which means I do a little bit of navigating andmake sure everything’s going OK…Pretty scary stuff…I’m having so much fun even though it’s been very tough and a lot of hard work andI’m restricted to having 90second showers each day. Everyone on board is great and we all get along well and work well as a team – it’spretty exciting knowing that we are all pulling together to make this ship sail. The staff are all crazy and are a lot of fun. The food isGREAT and I’m sure I’ll come home a couple of kilo’s heavier – put that together with the bicep’s I’ve started to pump and I’ll be aregular muscle woman. We’ve had some amazing dolphin viewings and some scary climbing sessions, it’s been incredible. Hello to: Mum, Dad, Ree, DJ and Ton, Irene, Phil, Isaac, Lincoln,Soloman, Elijah (happy birthday for last Sunday Link…) Laura, Priscilla, Andrew, everyone at JPP-Lindy, Laura, Michelle, Andrew, Annie, Fee, Sof, and Carmel. I miss you all and will see you very soon… can’t wait to tell you all about it. Better go make sure we don’t crash into something…Luv to allFi.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


38° 10' South / 144° 44'


Command Day - at sea somewhere in PortPhillip Bay. Wind sou'easterly at 15 knots, temp 19C