Captain's Log
11 March 2011

Challanging Conditions

Hi Everyone, Overnight the wind strengthened from the south west and by morning brief we were located 80nm to the south east of Gabo Island being challenged by rather unpleasant conditions (30kt winds and a 2-3m swell). Despite these conditions, during the day we continued with the training program, completing a navigation brief then introducing the Youth Crew to their first round of ‘semi’ competitive rope races. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many line, sails and parts of rigging that are located onboard Young Endeavour. At the moment we are located 50nm to the south east of Point Hicks sailing close hauled under fore and aft sails and making good 6kts of boat speed in moderating weather conditions. Our current intentions are to continue on this course until midnight then ‘tack ship’ altering to the south west and shaping a course for Deal Island which if the weather permits will be our second anchorage for the voyage. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


38° 4' South / 150° 14' East


Currently located 50nm to the SE of Point Hicks and experiencing moderate to strong 20-25 kt SW winds with a 2-3m swell.