Captain's Log
13 February 2003

Celebrity Writer – Lukey

Greetings from celebrity log writer Lukey the Salty Sea dog, here in Devonport, one of the Northern cities of Tasmania.At 0630 I nudged ship’s company from their slumber for early morning activity and took them for caterpillar walk. This involves holding hands while reaching through your own legs, walking backwards until you lie on the deck in a line and then standing up again – really gets the brain working!Showers, breakfast and packing were then completed before the YC assisted in un-berthing the ship at 0800. We sailed out of Devonport heads, and then turned around for our final grand entrance. Twenty-four YC lay aloft for the arrival and after a painless berthing, family and friends were greeted on the wharf.Captain John handed-out certificates to each of the youth crew to recognise their achievements over the past 10 days. Big Tony was awarded the Order of Australia Emblem in acknowledgment of the spirit of his participation in the voyage. It’s hard to describe the sensation of watching 24 total strangers learn, be challenged, develop, bond, interact and grow in a short period of 10 days. But it’s true that we staff get as much out of the voyage as the YC. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact FileThe Royal Australian Navy staff crew of STS Young Endeavour all volunteer for the posting. They receive specialist training to work with young Australians in this unique environment.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary – GripesVersion 1. Two straps which pass over the boat and hold it in placeVersion 2… what the YC do when we make them tidy up their cabins!Thought of the DayIf you’re too old to go on the waterslide, then you’re taking life too seriously. Luke MarthickYours, AyeLuke MarthickLEUT, RAN


41° 11' South / 146° 22' East


Situation at 12:00- Alongside DevonportWind: Nor' West 15 kts Temp:17 Sea State:1 Cloud: 0/8