Captain's Log
7 September 2000

Carpe Diem Andrew

The concert last night was a real hoot and as I predicted I was featured in a ‘This is your life’ skit. The YC put on some great acts and it was an excellent way to finish off the voyage.This morning it was up bright and early for a scrub down to ensure that we looked our best for coming alongside. We weighed anchor at 0930 and motored the short distance across the harbour to the Naval Base. The YC lay aloft and manned the yards and looked splendid as we approached the wharf. There was a large crowd waiting to greet us including a Naval Band. This totally caught me by surprise and had been arranged for my handover of command. The band took a short break allowing the YC to break into song and sing the National Anthem for the final approach to the wharf.Once secured alongside, the YC came down from the yards for the last time. The Maritime Commander, RADM Smith, the President of the Australian Sail Training Association and member of the NSW council for the Order of Australia Association, RADM R Swan RTD and Young Endeavour Youth Scheme Board Members came onboard and witnessed my presenting the YC with their voyage certificates. This YC had done particularly well and I could not have asked for a better crew to sail with on my last voyage. I called on RADM Swan to present the Order of Australia Emblem to Samuel Ormes for his great efforts during the ten days. The staff crew all vote on the emblem winner and never in my time have we had such a tough decision. This takes nothing away from Samuel but is indicative of how good the crew were.RADM Smith then presented Eddie or should I say Petty Officer Marine Technical Propulsion Edward Fielder, with the Australian Service Medal in recognition of his 15 years of dedicated service to the RAN. Well done Eddie.Now for the sad part. It was now time for me to say farewell to my crew and handover command of the ship to Andrew Davis. I have had a wonderful 18 months in YE and I feel very proud to have played a part in such a great organisation and ship. It has been immensely satisfying and I will miss just about everything about the job. However, once you’ve sailed in YE you never really leave whether you are the Captain or YC. You forever become a member of a special family. The part I will miss most is working with such a great crew that I have had the pleasure in leading and sailing with. They will remain friends for life I’m sure but I still feel very sad to leave such a good team. They are the best bunch of men and women I have ever served with. Legends each and every one of them. I formally handed command of the ship to Andrew and I’m happy that I’m leaving the ship in capable hands. Congratulations Andrew. I was presented with a lovely framed photograph of the ship sailing with the Spirit of New Zealand (one of my favourite moments), and from the Executive Director of the Youth Scheme, a Wallabies rugby jumper signed by each of the players. It’s no secret that I’m a Wallabies nut and to have arranged this was just awesome. It will be going straight to the poolroom.Finally a gig pulled alongside crewed by Rick, Kath and Damo to row me ashore. They were dressed out in traditional uniforms and as they pulled away from the ship with the band playing ‘Anchors Aweigh’ and with the crew and youth crew manning the side, they did that quirky and very special ‘YE wave’. That meant an awful lot to me and the effort to make this such a special occasion will never be forgotten. Thanks guys.OK then, that’s going to be it from me. Andrew Davis now has the weight and will submit his CO log next Monday evening. Have a great command Davo, I know you’ll love every moment of it. And my final words are to thank each and every youth crew that I have had the pleasure sailing with. I’ve had an awesome time. Thank you.Carpe Diem.Andrew


33° 52' South / 151° 13'


Current situation at 1200: Berthed Fleet Base East, Sydney Harbour, Wind W 15kts, Temp 17, Overcast