Command day part 1. Log by Youth Crew Captain Frankie.

At sea overnight and into Captains Setting and Furling. Anchored in the vicinity of the amazing Scawfell Island. Command day brief and elections. Remaining at anchor overnight. Adrian and Georgia clogging tonight.

Brampton Island hike. Wolverine hunt. Fantastic sailing.
Sea. Squares. Whales. Anchor. Brampton Island. Remaining at anchor overnight (RAAON).
Stonehaven anchorage to sea. Fantastic sailing down Whitsunday Passage. Picked up another crew member. Remaining at sea overnight. Tonights log by guest cloggers Gella and Charley. Peace.
Remained at Stonehaven anchorage. Snorkelling. Tacos. 2/3 way talks. Tonights log is by Abi and Elijah.
Airlie Beach to Sea... Sail handling and watch on deck. Sea to Stonehaven Anchorage. Remaining at anchor overnight.
Welcome aboard. Remaining at anchor overnight in vicinity of Airlie Beach.