Voyage name: 
22 May - 01 June

Course 150, Speed 8kts, Wind 240/20kts, Temp 16, clear and brisk

With Youth Crew in command, anchor was weighed shortly after 1100 yesterday in light and variable winds. The fluky winds made life difficult and there was a lot of head scratching going on as we drifted around in circles for a while. The forecast fresh SW wind eventually came in mid-afternoon and the ship was soon powering along on a broad reach past the concrete jungle of the Gold Coast.

The Youth Crew settled down into their watches and everything ran smoothly overnight. The Youth Crew chefs have provided wonderful meals and everybody has certainly been well fed. As the ship rounded the northern end of Moreton Island at 0200, sails were sheeted in and square sails clewed up as the ship came hard onto the wind to work towards Calloundra. In bitterly cold winds the ship tacked at 0430, which the Youth Crew executed very well. The thought of a still warm sleeping bag must have been a good incentive to get the tack done quickly.

At 0830 this morning, the Youth Crew relinquished command and the staff took back the ship. We were only a couple of miles from our objective and everybody was feeling happy and more importantly proud of their achievements. The Youth Crew has done a good job.

We are currently motor sailing into Moreton Bay with the intention of anchoring off Moreton Island after lunch to send the Beach Assault Team ashore and then have a sports afternoon. We will debrief the command day in the evening.

Youth Crew entry by Nina Stevens (age 22 from Melbourne): It is probably thought that a happy crew is a crew that's lying on deck working on their tan. I can now prove this wrong. I was elected as XO (second in command) and I certainly was not in a position to work on my tan. We got off to a flying start and after weighing anchor we set off at a grand one knot. Frustration throughout the crew was obvious as we were supposed to be sailing a tall ship - not floating along. The wind eventually came in and by mid afternoon the Youth Crew were finally sailing. This gave me the opportunity to catch my breath but not for long, as there was always something to organise and think about. Everything was sailing along well until the wind and our desired course were not going to work together. Of course this was realised at 0200 in the morning. After panicking, sighing and a lot of eye rolling we sorted things out. At 0400 a wake up call from the Watch Officer brought the bad news to my already busy mind that the ship had to tack. We got through this ok and we tacked again at 0730. We were relieved, but satisfied when we handed the ship back over to the staff. I was certainly challenged in my role but if wasn't for the fantastic support and teamwork from the other 23 youth crew, the ship would have never moved. Congrats guys!