38° 6' South
144° 52' East
Currently conducting YC Command Day in Port Phillip Bay and experiencing light south easterly winds at 8-12kts.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Youth Crew Command Day is now well underway. Please find attached Youth Crew Captains Log from Captain Nick and his team.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captains Log Youth Crew Command Day

The day had only started at 1400 when the staff cautiously gave the ���challenge telescope�� to the Youth Crew of the Young Endeavour. Positions were elected with Jess for Sail Master, Laura for Navigator, Charlie, Jess, Tim and Annabelle for Officers on watch, Ben, Brent, Laura for watch leaders and myself, Nick for Captain, the ship is in our hands! The challenge telescope will be with us whilst completing the fourteen tasks and thirteen waypoints to be accomplished in the twenty four hours. We started with the task that would allow us to set sail, which was finding our waypoint instructions on land. Eight crew rowed to the main beach in Rye and chased down as many local folk to support them in belting out the Australian national anthem. This was a task set from Captain Gav to help start the new leg of our journey in true patriotic style. With approximately fifty of the beach citizens contributing to the racket, we believed we successfully achieved our first challenge, ���Maybe this won't be so hard after all��. Challenge two quickly shot our ego down, whilst on land, Ivana and Boxy set out to find our waypoint instructions with a GPS reading and directions from the new nava-guesser, Laura. After a few MINOR challenges (a broken walking talkie, two lost crew and a boat full of wet paddlers) they headed back to the ship for a relaxing afternoon dip in the ocean before we embarked on the journey.
A delicious dinner from the chefs Nancy, Brendan and Matt filled our stomachs with Mammas Meatloaf, Classic chicken and other tastes from home based around the kitchen theme of ���Home Sweet Home.�� Another task, another challenge and another success.
After eight hours we now realise this journey shall deprive us from such privileges as sleep and ���relaxing'. So far we have achieved four of the thirteen points and our nava-guesser has proven to be a born navigator. The excitement continues with a few night tacks to assure no one gets too much sleep.

Best Wishes to all

Nick & Command Team 1