24° 48' South
152° 38' East

Co 280, Sp 6 kts

Wind 325 / 22 kts

Good Evening Shipmates,

Having had a good nights sleep at anchor it was up this morning at 0630 to kick off what was to become another fabulous day. Morning brief was at 0800 where we were quite happy to be interrupted by two pairs of humpback whales that felt the need to come and check us out at fairly close quarters (about 50 m). Happy hour followed before we sailed from the anchorage in moderate NE winds. The ship has had to work northwards all day to clear Hervey Bay and Breaksea spit against the predominately northern winds which have been freshening all day and is now steady at over 20 kts. During the day I provided a sail theory lecture before we conducted a series of demonstration tacks followed by rotational tacks. This is all in preparation of Command Day which is starting to become the focus for some of the YC. I expect we will have a number of tacks overnight and no doubt just as we are in a position to bear away and commence making ground to the south the expected southerly change will come through!!!

Captain Gunna

Carpe’ diem

Ahoy there! Brad & Mads, navigating for the night. We are currently in the chart house plotting our course with GPS and visual fixes. Still learning, so we hope we don’t run this ship aground! If we do, here’s a big shout out to Mum, and Grandma in England, with love and hugs from Bradley! Gunna told us to keep it short, so we rock lobsters thought we shall tell you to have as much fun we are having sailing in the sun! (Bradley is very very burnt)

Looking forward to a well-earned nap before we get up for watch at 0345.

Love to all, keep smiling,

Mads and Brad. X