Voyage name: 
V05/18 Adelaide to Hobart
24 Feb - 06 Mar 2018
43 19.5' S
145 59.7' E

Weather - overcast with passing showers, Wind - NNW at 3 kn, Swell - nil, Temp - 15 deg. C

Ahoy there,
Welcome to day six of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning we continued to make good speed towards the Tasmanian SW coast and by sunrise we were located 30nm to the NW of Port Davey motor sailing under fore and aft sail in moderate to strong SSW conditions.
After breakfast Sail Master Guv piped the Ship to Tacking Stations and we conducted a set of Demonstrational Tacks, during which the Youth Crew came to the bridge while we tack or wear the ship, explaining what is going on as we do it, so that they can achieve this by themselves on Command Day. I then issued my Captain’s Challenge to the crew to hand-in all sail, including sea-furling all sails requiring it within 30 minutes. On completion we had lunch and then came to anchor in Bramble Cove at 1230.
Once the Ship had her cable we launched the Sea Boat and, once the Watches had conducted their Mid-Voyage Chats, facilitated by the Watch Leaders, Harry commenced ferrying the crew ashore for a leg stretch and the opportunity to enjoy some of the views of Port Davey from the 186m peak behind Milner Head.
The crew had returned onboard by 1700, by which time Marcus the Chef, Brett the Engineer and I had set up for a BBQ dinner on deck. We also set the mid-ships awning due to the number of passing showers we were experiencing. We had a very pleasant dinner on deck enjoying the evening sights of Port Davey and chatting about our adventures so far on the voyage and how different it felt to be at anchor after 5 days at sea in a row.
After we had tidied up everything from dinner and once it was dark enough Guv screened the movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ narrated by the famous Captain Irving Johnston. We show this film at this stage of the voyage to put the things our crew have learned so far into perspective compared to what Irving Johnston had to learn when he joined the massive Barque Peking as a boy sailor.
The film finished at 2100 and then Navigator Evan gave the youth crew a brief on what their duties would be while conducting anchor watches through the night. It is intended to remain at anchor in Bramble Cove overnight.
Until tomorrow evening,
Yours aye
Captain Mike