37° 31' South
150° 0' East
Just passed east of Gabo Island and experiencing light E-NE winds with a 1m SE swell
Ahoy Shipmates,

This morning was overcast with light showers and morning brief found YOUNG ENDEAVOUR 25nm south of Pt Hicks motor sailing due to lack of wind. After the normal morning activity of ���Happy Hour�� (cleaning stations) the YC took the opportunity to catch up on some domestic chores like doing their laundry (hand washed out of a bucket of course). After lunch the Navigator gave an informative lecture on meteorology, and then as the afternoon sea breeze kicked in we set all fore and aft sails and the topsail and went straight into a good set of light weather rotational tacks (gives everyone the opportunity to experience other watches tacking station). This was followed by ���Apples and Onions�� (an exercise in providing realistic judgement of themselves by others) which finished of the afternoons activities. During the night watches tonight the YC will complete the ���Bear Exercise�� (exercise in initiative, communication & teamwork) and continued to consolidate their newly found mariner skills.

We have just passed Gabo Island and early tomorrow morning will see us anchor in Twofold Bay (Eden).

Please find attached White Watches Captains Log for this evening

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

White Watch Captains Log

As we sit here on second dog watch on the night of Sunday March 2nd��_full from our Sunday roast (closely followed by triple chocolate ice cream & cream bickies) we were given the chance to enter a watch log. So rather than telling you all about what we have been up to since boarding the Young Endeavour, February 27th, (you would have heard it all from the other watches) we thought we would talk about us instead!

Now first off we have Kendall, 17 years old from Mogo, whose highlight so far is climbing the mast at 2am in the middle of Bass Strait with huge pitch swells and howling winds.
Penguin- from Melbourne has so far enjoyed his trip, climbed to the top of the foremast and nearly been eaten by the engineer Sumo! He says hi to Doug and Caroline.
Then there is Trout, 17 from Wodonga, no one really knows how he got that name��_his memorable moment would have to be sitting out on the topgallant yard 33 meters from the deck all alone for 5 minutes. Also diving over the top of a 50 square cm stingray that he hadn't noticed until he arose from the depths.
Leanne, 18 from Beaconsfield (not the mines) ��� we walked several k's up a huge hill on Deal (or no deal) Island to get to the lighthouse, whilst trying to persuade Loren that every hill was the last hill. Also someone tell Sumo, Nanna and Dazza to stop tickling me, poking me and chucking things at me!!!! AAARRGGHHH!!!!
Loren, 19 from Blackburn ��� special mention to staffie SUMO who threw a shark at me today��_.and no it doesn't matter that it was only 1 metre long��_.and yes it was still alive!!! haha
Amanda, 16 from Casino was also nearly attacked by the same shark, and has some excellent footage on her camera of the incident.
Julia, 20 East Doncaster still has not gained her sea legs and has many bumps and bruises from hitting various objects/people!
Dave, 21 from Maitland is enjoying the extensive menu ��� for firsts, seconds and thirds three times a day
Gebert, 16 from Sunraysia has gained a lot of confidence through climbing the mast to the topgallant yard and being the watch leader for Saturday. He was looking forward to ���guts watch' (midnight ��� 4am) but was very ill from seasickness that night (Thursday).
Sarah, 23 from Canberra was stuck in the bathroom being violently seasick when we were due for a morning brief, resulting in the entire watch having to do 40 push-ups! However, I survived, and want to say hi to everyone at home! 
And last but definitely not least we have Jimmy, 29, from Botany-he is possibly (and very probably) the next Young Endeavour Chef.

White watch would like to specially thank Jock, our watch leader, and the rest of the YE staff for teaching us everything, and more, there is to know about sailing! Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

���It's not the destination that matters, but the journey and the friends you make along the way�� ��� White Watch 02/03/08