34° 46' South
136° 22'
At sea in Spencer Gulf under full sail. Wind southerly at 20 knots, temp 17C.
After a restful night at anchor we had a great day today. First thing we headed to the beach to play some sport and look around, the sand and the beach was so white and fluffy it was like flour. Back on board for lunch we had a sailing quiz where the YC worked on the problem of sailing the ship to and from an anchorage and then we put
some of it to practice by sailing the ship from Memory Cove on the YC's solution. They were successful.

We got all sails set as we cruised past some rocky islands and then for the first time in two days the sun shone down on us. We are now sailing north into Spencer Gulf and are looking for a another place to go ashore. Everyone's spirits have gone into overdrive and the huge swells and seasickness are a distant memory.

Nic Creaser, 18(yay), Bentleigh, Victoria:

I'M LEGAL AT LAST! Hey there Mum, Dad, Ros, Bren, Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Pa and everyone else who sees this, especially my mates (go funky chickens). I'm having a really good time here on the viking ship, now that my seasickness has seemingly passed. We had an awesome day today, the
first day I could keep food down, and it all started with a trip to land. We played a bit of sport then came back on board for a bit of
the usual tacking and heaving ropes etc. I swear I'll come back with biceps like tree trunks. I was treated to a very special birthday
cake from Karen in the kitchen....thanks Karen and finally a day where the swells are of a reasonable size...instead of between 5 and
10m. The weather is great, now that the sun has come out and everyone's spirits have been lifted through no incidents of seasickness and a little trip to land...the ultimate remedy. Really I
couldn't have asked for a better day. Everything else has mostly been tonnes of fun, except getting up at ridiculous times such as 4am, but these things can't be helped. We've all learnt a lot about the ship and stuff which is cool, and the people here are awesome.

Thanks for the cards guys, they were brilliant. Say a special hello to Aussie and Jess for me. I'm off to climb the mast so I'll see you
in 6 sleeps.

PS. Bec, good luck and I hope you got your third round.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis