32° 45' South
133° 41'
At sea in Nuyts Archipelago, Great Australian Bight. Wind sou' westerly at 25 knots, Temp 16C.
Current situation at 1800:

A hot northerly wind from inland Australia blew over us for much of the day and then suddenly stopped. The sun then took over and shined down on us relentlessly as the YC learned all about the many lines on YE and about sail setting. By late afternoon we were clear of the port of Ceduna and heading south - finally.

The YC are well. Surprisingly there are only a few sickies, but I am sure they will recover soon. Everyone is pretty tired. We only had
a few short hours of sleep last night but the YC have taken up the challenge, worked really hard, remembered heaps and performed very
well. Well done, team.

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis