24° 54' South
152° 33'
At sea in Hervey Bay East of Elliot Head.
Situation at 2000:

Hervey Bay has lived up to its reputation as one of the best places in Queensland. The weather today has been spectacular. After the morning brief, the Youth Crew turned to with a will for cleaning stations and because today is a Brasso day the polishing rags were soon flying. The ship now has a buffed and polished look about her,
both on the upper deck as well as down below. During the Forenoon watch, we tacked several times in succession in order to reinforce the sailing theory lecture from yesterday. The principles of how a sail works to propel a ship forward and how the choice of what sails to set is made were discussed during this practical demonstration. After lunch we anchored at Elliot Head on the Western shore of Hervey Bay where the local Kiosk quickly found itself the centre of a buying frenzy. While ashore in Elliot Head the Watch Leaders led their watches in the mid voyage discussions. This provided an opportunity for the Youth Crew to review their goals for the voyage and discuss the progress they feel they have made towards achieving them. As usual, Chef Karen's efforts in the Galley were praised by one and
all. After Sunset we weighed anchor and set sail once more across Hervey Bay. Tonight's watches will provide lots of opportunities to practise sail handling and develop teamwork skills. A special hello to Miss Mills' class from Greenwood Girls School in Mosman NSW. Hi Pip.

Thought of the day: Who has more fun than a YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Sailor??? Two YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Sailors. Neptune

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Hi everyone, this is Erin Sullivan, I am having a great time here on board the Young Endeavour. It is currently VERY late Saturday night and we are in Hervey Bay, haven't seen any whales yet but I still have a few days - keeping my fingers crossed. The weather has been so much better in the last few days, and I am still one of the only ones who has not been sick, YEAH. My days consist of sleeping (very few hours), heaving in lines, eating (according to Kaz, it's all about the food) and keeping watch. I am making the most of this experience and whilst I have not mastered the 90 second showers, I am having a ball. On a personal note, Mum, I got some photos of Fraser Island, miss you all, take care, Erin.