38° 8' South
144° 23' East
Wind is from the South West at 12 knots, outside air temperature is 14 degrees with a little patchy cloud in a very calm and comforable anchorage.
Captains Log Voyage 20-08

Ahoy Shipmates,
Today's voyage commenced with a welcome to the new Youth Crew, family and friends at Cunningham Pier, Geelong. With family, friends and well-wishers farewelled, the lines were cast off shortly after 1600 and the ship proceeded to an anchorage in Corio Bay where we will spend the night. Once safely at anchor members of the Youth Crew started getting to know their new home, with tours of the ship, and their new shipmates, with some fun activities. After what was described by one Youth Crew member as a five-star three course meal we began our climbing safety training which is still underway. The Youth Crew have been split into three groups in which they will spend the bulk of the next week; Red Watch, White Watch and Blue Watch. Two of the Youth Crew watches have already climbed to the topgallant yard (which is the highest yard at the top of the foremast) and the third is not far behind them. Tonight's climbing should all be completed by 2230, when I expect the very tired Youth Crew will be ready to enjoy the newfound comforts of their first night in their Young Endeavour bunks.
Tomorrow, the bulk of the day will be invested in Youth Crew deck safety training, line handling and sail setting procedures, while the ship transits Port Philip. We expect to sail out through the Rip at around 1500 and commence making ground to the East overnight.
Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas to you all.
Yours Aye
Captain Matt