32° 42' South
152° 8' East

Wind: SW at 16 Knots (in the shelter of our anchorage) Swell: Nil Temp: 16 deg C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Overnight the Ship continued to make ground to the north towards Port Stephens. The wind freshened (25 knots) during the middle watch to the maximum apparent wind limit of the Jib so it was necessary to furl it to prevent it from being damaged. When this occurs it is also necessary to brail the Mainsail or else the Ship will be unbalanced and too difficult to hold on course. The swell also built to 2.5 metres with assistance from the wind. These conditions continued to increase during the morning watch and soon all sails had to be handed-in to prevent damage. As this limited the value of remaining at sea, combined with the number of crew suffering sea-sickness, the difficulty preparing meals, getting any sleep and even moving around the Ship, it was decided to seek shelter in Port Stephens.

Rope Races were conducted at 1300 during the pilotage into Port Stephens. Today we really did see dolphins on the port bow! A pod joined us on the way in to Pt Stephens and surfed our bow wave for a while.On completion of anchoring I gave a presentation on Sail Theory. The aim of this brief was to equip the crew with some basic knowledge on the requirements of the Young Endeavour sail plan as well as the wind limitations of the different sails, which will be necessary knowledge for the Youth Crew on Command Day.

Youth crew proceeded ashore at 1430 to undertake mid-voyage discussions in one of the local cafes, facilitated by their watch leaders after which the watches came together and played an hour of sport organised by Super-nummary Jen. Everyone returned onboard by 1700 and enjoyed Squizy’s delicious dinner, after which an inter-watch quiz was held followed by some practical navigation training, especially for those yet to have the opportunity.

It is intended to remain at anchor overnight, departing the anchorage tomorrow, weather permitting, to conduct the remaining at-sea activities required to fully-prepare the Youth Crew for Command Day. It is intended to return to anchor in Port Stephens tomorrow evening and remain there overnight again.

Until tomorrow.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike