32° 55' South
151° 47' East

Fine and sunny, Wind 270 10 knots, swell nil, temperature 24 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Guv woke the crew on ANZAC Day 2013 with a traditional ‘Wakey Wakey’ on the Bosun’s Call (instead of his usual 80s retro tunes) at 0545 to enable those who wished to attend our onboard Dawn Service. The order for the service was as follows:

Welcome: Guv

Reading: ‘Mustafa Ataturk’s tribute to the fallen soldier’ – read by Elleisha Walsh

Reading: Jeff Cook’s ‘Grandpa what did you do in the war?’ – read by Jack Batemen

Reading: AB Paterson’s ‘We’re all Australians now’ – recited by Caitlyn Conway

Music: The Navy Hymn – played by Dougie on his flute

Wreath Laying: Red Watch – Patrick Levitzke and Katelin Mogford

White Watch – Emma Fitt, Dan Emma Fitt, Dan Pye and Mitch Scott

Blue Watch – Hayely Scarman and Dan Tonon

Reading: The Naval Ode: (All)

Music: The Last Post


Music: Reveille

Closing: Guv

After the final Morning Brief and Happy Hour for the Voyage, Young Endeavour departed Carrington wharf at 0900 and the Youth Crew laid aloft in the old Naval tradition of ‘Manning the Yards’ for the formal arrival. We berthed at Queens wharf at 1000 in front of family and friends. Following a brief ceremony we said our final farewells to the Youth Crew of Voyage 06/13. It has been a magnificent journey and one not to be forgotten.

The ship will remain in Newcastle until Sun 28 Apr when it will embark a new Youth Crew for Voyage 07-13, Newcastle to Brisbane.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike