34° 47' South
138° 28' East
Hot with light and variable winds and a smooth and calming sea.
Hi all! Thank you for having a look at Captain's Log ��� I hope to update our progress every night by 10pm so please log on and have a look ��_

We have just got started with Voyage 18 for 2009 ��� Adelaide to Williamstown ��� with the following esteemed staff crew:
Captain Paul
Sail Master Dion
Navigator Adam
Boats Officer Ian
White Watch Leader Jess
Red Watch Leader Penny
Blue Watch Leader Dan
Chef Snowey
Engineer Lindsey
Special Guest Jodie from the YEYS Office

Having got away from the berth and given a short range exchange of salutations with the Sail Training Ship ���One & All', we made our way down and out of the harbour. After only an hour we selected a spot at Semaphore Anchorage to spend the night, so as to begin the process of learning how to live safely in what is a new and exciting environment for the Youth Crew. Having found the others in their watches, the Youth Crew has already had the chance to play some ���ice-breaking' games and to get to know and trust the people they will work and live (in close confines) with for 11 days. Tonight we plan to have everyone up on the very highest yard on the mast so that they can appreciate the three dimensions of a square-rigged ship ��_ and the type of challenges they can expect to welcome as we make our way to Williamstown.

We were lucky to avoid the heat wave in Adelaide today due to some light cloud cover ��� but tomorrow promises to be hot so we hope to be underway early. We look like having a few nights at sea before we have our first chance to go ashore and hug a tree ��_

Will write again tomorrow ��_ so stay tuned,
Captain Paul