16° 56' South
145° 47' East
Currently at anchor out in Trinity Inlet and experiencing light SE winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Today saw the commencement of Voyage 10/08 from Cairns to Townsville. The voyage began with a welcome to the Youth Crew, family and friends at the Cairns Marina. This welcome was briefly interrupted by the Sail Master who with the support of the rest of Staff Crew decided to embarrass the Captain by getting all guests to sing ���Happy Birthday' to him (I failed miserably at trying to keep my birthday a secret). With family, friends and well-wishers farewelled, the lines were cast off at 1550 and the ship conducted a well executed manoeuvre to exit Cairns Marina. Once clear of the marina we conducted the short passage to our first anchorage in Trinity Inlet. Once at anchor all watches completed ���ice breakers' before commencing Ships tours. As stated in today's opening address the food onboard YE is fantastic and Chef Chad's dinner tonight was no exception (pumpkin soup, fillet steak, roast turkey and lasagne). Following dinner it was strait into climbing safety and hopefully by late evening we will see all YC attempt their first climb of the fore mast before finally turning in for their first nights sleep onboard YE.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

PS: Many thanks for all the Birthday wishes