23° 58' South
151° 35' East

Currently anchored at Rods Bay and enjoying light 5-10kt south easterly winds with .5m swell. Current temperature is 17 degrees. 

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Voyage 09/13 and Young Endeavour’s third voyage of our northern program for this year. Our journey starts in Gladstone and will also conclude in Gladstone (not that far to go). We have a magnificent tall ship, wind for our sails and the spectacular Queensland Coast to explore. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious. I would like to introduce the Team of Staff Crew that will facilitate this voyage of adventure:

Captain – Gav

Sail Master – Taff

Navigator – Tim

Watch Officer – Mike

Assistant Watch Officer- Dougy

Red Watch Leader – Tilly

White Watch Leader – Mick

Blue Watch Leader – Squiz

Chef – Hayden

Engineer - Sumo

Voyage nine officially commenced at 1500 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed alongside at the Gladstone Marina Service Jetty. Once all gear had been stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address and staff introductions. Once complete we said our farewells then commenced some ‘ice breaker’ activities and ship tours.

Normally we would depart our berth at 1600 but due to tidal constraints we delayed our departure by one hour so as to give us an extra meter of water under the keel as we departed Gladstone Marina. At 1700 lines were finally cast-off and we departed our berth and safely cleared the marina. Once clear and in open water dinner was served with Chef Hayden again amazing us with his amazing culinary skills.

Following dinner, Dougy (alias Captain Safety) gave his informative brief on ships safety and safety equipment which was followed by my chat about what the voyage would entail and what the Youth Crew could expect during the next eleven days. On completion, Taff, as Sail Master, gave his talk about some of the rules, regulations and safety aspects of Young Endeavour

Normally on the first night of the voyage we would have chosen an anchorage closer to our berth but due to our commitment to participate in the 1770 Festival I decided to proceed to Rods Bay and anchor there overnight so as to reduce my transit time to 1770 tomorrow morning. During this transit we completed all of the first day activities with the exception of first night climbs which we plan to complete at sunrise tomorrow morning.

The time is now 2100 and we have just safely anchored in Rods Bay. Taff has just completed another team building activity and we have just sent everyone to bed as it is an early 0500 start tomorrow morning

Despite it being early in the voyage the Youth Crew have already impressed me with their individual efforts and team attitude.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav