Voyage name: 
12 February - 25 February

A steady 9 1/2 knots 

Hello Everyone,

We are in the middle of a high pressure system mid-Tasman, and are
almost half way home to Australia. Yesterday we motorsailed in calm
conditions, and had a rule of the road lecture, rope races, and all
watches climbed aloft to set then furl all sail as the light wind
came and then went again. We are now at stage two of the voyage,
where all Youth Crew are able to work aloft without supervision.

Overnight the wind came up from the north at about ten knots, which
has allowed us to motorsail again at a steady 9 1/2 knots (about 18
km/h). Today we had a very entertaining morning brief from White
Watch, an impromptu man overboard exercise when Gilbert the football
was lost over the side, followed by a swim in the middle of the
Tasman in water 2,500m deep - over the heads of everyone who went

For the remainder of the day we will finish off Happy Hour, which
todaqy is a deck scrub day (swab them decks, you scurvy dogs...) to
be finished off with rotational tacks, where every watch tacks the
ship from another watches's tacking station, to see how the other
half live.

Until tomorrow, Me Hearties,

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer