37° 4' South
149° 54' East
At anchor in Twofold Bay experiencing moderate northeasterly breezes.
Ahoy Shipmates

Morning brief on this morning found us 15nm south of Twofold Bay and our planned anchorage position in Snug Cove, just near the township of Eden. After morning brief and Happy Hour we conducted a Man Overboard Exercise followed by a quick set of rope races, prior to coming to anchor at 1148. After lunch everyone was ferried ashore and Watch Leaders conducted Mid Voyage Talks followed by a tour of the Eden Whale Museum, which the curator generously provides to the crew of YE free of charge. On completion of this tour the YC were released on the township of Eden where they enjoyed a ���fast food fix' and a good leg stretch. That evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed another world famous YE ���teak beach BBQ��, followed by an entertaining session of three way talks. As this is our first night at anchor since departing Hobart all watches have been reduced to anchor watches allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone was well rested for the days ahead.

Please find attached Captains Log narrative from Blue Watch:

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Blue Watch Captains Log

Early rise this morning with a 3:30am watch. After a bleary eyed start we were lucky enough to be greeted by an awesome sight. The sea stretching out like a sheet of silk from horizon to horizon reflecting the morning rays of sun. We watched this amazing spectacle from the topsail yard. It seemed to spread out, with nothing but endless stretches of water in sight. We were lucky enough be the first to call ���LAND AHOY!�� with the sighting of the Australian Mainland. This memorable occasion was accompanied by a shark, some flying fish, and a pod of dolphins.
We lowered our topsail sheet and headed into Eden at about 11 o'clock. Many of us experienced land sickness as we walked around the historic town of Eden (looking for a non-existent Maccas) and a few of us made some calls home.
We were set the task of handing down the main gaff topsail with no outside help and extremely vague instructions. We set ourselves 45 minutes to complete the task and an hour and a half later we still weren't done. Eventually, however, it was put away, to the relief of us all.
The food here is exquisite and we constantly watch our waistlines grow. To accompany a beautiful sunset over Eden, we had a barbeque on deck with some good ol' Garth Brooks playing in the background. Yeehaa!

Yours Aye

Blue Watch: Thommo, Hobbie, Sunny, Hannah, Gary, Chelsea, Danni, and Emily.