37° 20' South
149° 58' East
Fine after inclement weather and strong winds
Ahoy Shipmates-

Since Friday we have spent an overnight at anchor at Deal Island, and
had an exhilarating sail across Bass Strait to Eden, where we came to
anchor a short while ago.

Unfortunately we were unable to get ashore at Deal Island due to the
extreme winds and exceptionally rough seas in the anchorage. While
this resulted in disappointment for many, we were able to succeed in
our primary mission - to recover \Gilbert\". Gilbert was returned by
the park keepers somewhat deflated, but happy to see his shipmates.
Dion has promised not to leave Eddie's football ashore ever again.

While the inclement weather did mean that we couldn't get ashore at
Deal Is, it made for an excellent sail across the Strait in 30-35knot
winds driving the ship along at 10-12 knots under a full press of
canvas. While doing this several of the youth crew experienced a
taste of working sails aloft in heavy weather. One in particular,
Devon, was heard to say after coming down \"I've never been so
frightened in my life\".

We are now at anchor in Twofold Bay (Eden, NSW) and everyone is
taking the opportunity to get ashore for a leg stretch and visit to
the whale museum. We will sail for Jervis Bay later this evening to
spend a night alongside at historic HMAS CRESWELL to ready ship and
crew for the forthcoming \"Command Day\".

Until tomorrow,
Yours Aye,