22° 54' South
150° 54'
Course 000, Speed 1kt, Wind SE 5kts, Temp 22, balmy tropical evening
Had a very quiet night last night as the ship sailed slowly (average 2kts) north in a light SE wind. This morning we dropped the jib and hoisted the 'whomper' in its place. This helped a bit but it has been very quiet sailing. I think we must have used up this voyages wind during the last one, where we had a real abundance.

We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn earlier this morning and appropriately we have had a truely tropical day. It was lovely and warm with clear skies. A navigation lecture was held after lunch followed by a set of 'rope races'. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves becalmed and all sail was handed in and the pool was opened. The water was lovely and with the rope swing rigged we had an excellent time. Engines were started and we motored for a couple of hours taking in the tourist route close by the Keppel Islands at sunset.

A 5-10kt breeze from the SE has just started to come in and engines have been thankfully shut down and we are sailing again. We will hopefully continue sailing overnight and will look for a suitable anchorage tomorrow afternoon.

YC entry by Laura 'Loo' White (age 17 from Rockhampton) - The last 24 hrs have been my biggest challenge so far. Pushing myself through a terrible dose of seasickness, a feeling I have never and hope to never experience again. However, with the wonderful staff crew and my Red Watch team members, I made it to a beautiful day. Today we sailed through the Keppel Islands, setting and furling sails, playing games on deck and stopping for a swim. We also got a very interesting lecture on navigation. The sky was clear and the water cold. My watch finished off the day with the 4-6 watch early in the evening. What a day.

Andrew (and Loo)