Voyage name: 
V06/19 Newcastle to Brisbane
28 Apr - 08 May 2019
30 53.5' S
153 16.1' E
Wind: North Easterly at 14 Kn; Swell: Easterly at 1.5 m; Temp: 19 deg. C; Weather: overcast with occasional showers
Youth Crew enjoyed a run ashore to Trial Bay for some beach games and a swim. On return to the Ship they had an upperdeck BBQ lunch before we weighed anchor and resumed our passage north.
Ahoy There Shipmates, After a good night's sleep at anchor in Trial Bay we got the crew up for some activities on deck at 0630. That was followed by morning brief, at which 'Salty' explained why Ship's toilets are called 'heads' and why Ships of old had 'figureheads'. After Happy Hour the crew were ferried ashore in the Ship's boat to the beach to play some organised sport and have the opportunity for a swim. On their return we enjoyed a 'teak deck BBQ' gourmet lunch, organised by Chef Zac, whilst taking-in the sights of the Trial Bay foreshore. After we had cleaned up the BBQ and secured the Ship for sea again, we conducted three-way chats, a public speaking and 'ice-breaker' activity which enables the whole crew to learn more about each other. We weighed anchor at 1400 and departed Trial Bay to conduct Tacking Stations practice in the fresh conditions which had developed since late morning. On completion we resumed our passage towards Brisbane. It is intended that the Ship will remain at sea overnight, with the YC further consolidating their watch on deck skills, practising their newly acquired navigation skills and undertaking a leadership and teamwork exercise known as the 'Bearex'. Until tomorrow, Yours aye, Captain Mike
William Jewet Tucker: Be not content with the commonplace in character anymore than with the commonplace in ambition or intellectual attainment. Do not expect that you will make any lasting or very strong impression on the world through intellectual power without the use of an equal amount of conscience and heart.