38° 47' South
148° 33'
15 miles south of the Bass Strait Oil Fields, motor sailing north-east at seven knots in light northerly breeze. Temp 19 and skies are partly
Since leaving Port Phillip the weather has been dominated by a high pressure system which means continuing light winds and has us waiting patiently for a front to force its way through from the west. In the meantime we've done lots of motoring, though sail training has progressed satisfactorily and the youth crew has been setting and furling numerous times to make the most of what wind there is. Despite the lack of wind seas have been pretty lumpy at
times which has meant a bit of seasickness but, on the plus side, most now have their sea-legs.

Yesterday afternoon the sailing master (mistress actually) took the Youth Crew for their first set of rope races and everyone's ship knowledge is rapidly improving. This morning the highlight was Cap'n Bob's sailing theory lecture which, from all the probing questions I received, showed that the Youth Crew has clearly learnt a lot over the past few days.

For now we continue on towards Twofold Bay where we will anchor tomorrow for a leg stretch. Still a long way to Sydney and heaps of sailing and challenges ahead.

Bye for now,

Cap'n Bob