30° 34' South
153° 18'
Course 325, Speed 7kts, Wind 020/8kts, Temp 18, showers
The northerly winds have persisted over the last 24 hrs which has made for tough going. 'When the going gets tough the tough get going' sounds true as the youth crew have worked hard and all importantly kept their sense of humour. We are all looking forward to anchoring at Coffs Harbour this afternoon and having a nights rest from tacking. We will have a BBQ and conduct 'three way talks' ashore.

It hasn't all been miserable with the regular sighting of whales. One humpback really had 'ants in his pants' and was doing some great aerials and putting on a tremendous show for us. In the afternoon a Rules of the Road lecture was given that was interrupted by the Village People putting on an impromptu performance. I think some of my crew have been at sea too long, especially Nathan (XO) who seemed far too comfortable in his role.

The 'Big Banana' beckons.

Chat tomorrow