Voyage name: 
04 January - 14 January
2200 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind NE 20 knots, swell NE 1.5 metres, temperature 22 degrees, barometer 1005 hpa

Ahoy there everyone,


Welcome to day five, overnight the ship remained at anchor adjacent Long Beach, Montagu Roadstead, Jervis Bay. The morning commenced at 0630 with Sail Master Guv energising the Staff and Youth Crew with an invigorating early morning plunge into the bay for all those keen adventurers accepting the challenge to swing from the course yard arm rope or dive from the bowsprit. The overcast conditions did not dampen the enthusiasm as the Youth Crew executed some commendable acrobatic pirouettes, somersaults and water entries into the invigorating water. This culminated with egg and bacon rolls cooked on the upper deck BBQ.

A heavy rain squall then required breakfast to be completed below decks. After morning brief and ‘happy hour’ Navigator Kim presented a lesson in the fine art of maritime navigation. This was followed by a Sail Theory lesson and a magnificent lunch.

With satisfied appetites the Youth Crew proceeded aloft and cast loose all gaskets enabling the ship to sail away from our overnight anchorage amidst intermittent rain squalls. Once in the centre of Jervis Bay rotational and demonstrational tacking and wearing was executed. This enabled each watch the opportunity rotate through various deck positions and then to stand on the bridge and observe the command and control aspects as the ship was manoeuvred under sail. These set of tacks and wears consolidated the sail theory and practical deck work instruction gained over the previous five days.

The ship then exited Jervis Bay during dinner and commenced shaping a course south on a broad reach port tack making a handsome spectacle under a full press of sail. Overnight the Youth Crew will be challenged with a teamwork and leadership exercise as the ship continues to make ground to the south with a following sea along the NSW South Coast.

It was also very rewarding to observe that the majority of the Youth Crew had been awarded their sea legs whilst in Jervis Bay.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Damien