20° 56' South
149° 26' East
Freshening NW winds, smooth sea, no swell and clear skies
Hello everyone,

We survived Command Day ��� yeah!

The Youth Crew did really well in very difficult conditions. The wind died off overnight so prayers to the wind prophet Brother Nutsi and sacrifices by way of offering the Staff Crew were made. All in vein as we struggled to make the designated way point by 12:00 pm today. At one stage we put a piece of bacon over the side (we were using for bait on our fishing lines) and watched its progress down the side of the Ship. It took nearly ten minutes to travel 44 metres! Suppose we weren't travelling that fast but it didn't stop us having fun. Speaking of bacon over the side brings me to the point of food. We had Jeenah, Dave and Amanda in the Galley for Command Day and we ate like royalty. One of the best pizzas I have had in recent memory ��_ don't tell my wife that (a) I had pizza and (b) it was better than hers.

The Youth Crew completed over 80 per cent of the assigned tasks (very good indeed as we did put an extra few tasks in to present a greater challenge) and was convincing enough to allow the Staff to give them the use of the engines later in the morning to reach our end way point. At the end of Command Day we stopped in the water and had another swim in the glass like sea. As Zac put it: ���A painted ship on a painted sea.��

We had a good session debriefing the Command Day before going to anchor at St Bees Island some 16 miles to the North East of Mackay. After dinner we enjoyed a wonderful Ship's Concert and a photo montage of the voyage ��� thanks Robert for a truly memorable show.

A late birthday wish from Kiri to big sister Jim Jams - happy birthday, if you're lucky there will be a present returning from Mackay.

Anyways, must go as we have an early start and a busy day tomorrow.

Take care,

Dave Jordan (Yak)
Voyage Captain