Voyage name: 
V07/21 Gladstone to Airlie Beach
02 Jul - 12 Jul 2021
23 50.0' S
151 14.9' E
Alongside Gladstone Marina Wind: 7 knots from the South south East Sea and Swell: nil Weather: overcast and rain Temp: 17 deg C
Alongside Gladstone Marina awaiting arrival of more Crew Members whose travels delayed due lockdowns.
Good morning Shipmates, Firstly let me apologise for not posting this last night as promised. As the name of this log entry suggests we are alongside in Gladstone awaiting the arrival of more youth crew members. The Ship enjoyed a thorough fresh water wash down overnight and I suspect our wet weather gear will get a good workout today. Yesterday's activities for the youth crew were focused on unpacking, undertaking Ship tours guided by their Watch Leaders and getting to know their fellow Youth Crew members. We are holding-off conducting some of our normal early voyage activities until the remaining crew members arrive so we don't have to cover the same information again, but also so our still-to-join crew don't feel too left out when they arrive. I will do some introductions. The following are the Staff Crew for Voyage 07/21 to Airlie Beach: Myself - Captain Mike Sail Master - Dion Navigator - Emma Watch Officer - Jemma White Watch Leader - Phoebe Red Watch Leader - Dan Blue Watch Leader - Bobby Engineer - Ben Chef - Adam The plan for today, Day 2 - today, is to remain alongside until the afternoon High Water, departing the Marina at 1600 (4pm) and proceeding to anchor in Gladstone Harbour. Until tonight. Yours Aye, Captain Mike